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Wine pot shaped paper plate HNY00006
Wine pot shaped paper plate HNY00006

Wine pot shaped paper plate HNY00006

Item number: HNY00006

Material: paper

Size: 150*250mm


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This year, ditch the same old paper plates and rings in the new year for a festive flask-shaped one! Whether you're hosting a small or large party, this fun plate will add some extra joy to your celebration. Plus, it's sturdy enough to hold all your favorite snacks and drinks. So, make this New Year's Eve a memorable occasion with the help of our flask-shaped paper plates.





New Year



Paper plate



Environmentally friendly and non-toxic


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The paper plate is shaped like a jug. 'cheers' printed in the center, gold finish, rose red stripes on the neck, gold paper plate background.

This design is perfect for a festive celebration. The bold colors and striking gold finish will really stand out on your table. Plus, thejug shape is perfect for serving up drinks or appetizers.







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New Year's Party Paper Plate Advantage

- The paper plate is made of 100% paper. Party plates and disposable cups are designed to not bend, tear or break and are strong enough to hold a whole plate of food

- Customizable patterns add elegance and festive atmosphere to New Year's parties.

- The plastic cutlery set is sturdy, can be cleaned and stored for the next time. Or throw away the paper trays after use to save time on cleaning while still enjoying the decor they add to your event.

- Designed for all events and occasions such as but not limited to: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, baby showers, bridal showers, Thanksgiving parties, Christmas parties, family dinners, luxury dining and other occasions