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Pastel Holiday

Pastel Holiday Series



The entire Pastel Holiday series is colorful, including notebooks, thermos cups, sticky notes, pencil cases, metal pens, mobile phone cases, photo frames, scissors, and more.



This series of colorful notebooks features high-quality paper and unique color design, making it easier and more fun to record and organize your notes. You can choose different color pens according to your needs to record key information, helping you to concentrate more and improve your study and work efficiency. The notebooks are colorful and can make your notes easier to organize and find. You can easily find the information you need without spending a lot of time sorting and sifting. Rich colors can stimulate your creativity and imagination. When creating and painting, you can use different colors and brushstrokes to make your work more vivid and interesting.

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Notebook: Using high-quality paper, the writing is smooth, allowing you to record every little bit of life and learn to enrich without stress. On this page full of infinite possibilities, you can leave every inspiration, idea and dream. Each page is filled with unique design elements that bring a spark of inspiration.


Thermos Cup: Leave a cup of warmth to accompany you on a busy day. Our specially designed thermos cup not only keeps your drink warm, but also shows your love for color. Stylish design, good thermal insulation effect.


Notes: Leave a mark on the small but important things. Our special notes are not only convenient for recording, but also have a unique design style to make your work and life more orderly.


Pencil Case: Every piece needs a stage. Our pencil case can not only hold your favorite pen, but also showcase your unique personality and taste.


Metal Pen: Write your story and light up your inspiration. Metal pens from the Matte Colorful Stationery series are not only comfortable to hold, but also bring a colorful writing experience.


Mobile phone case: When exploring creative moments, our mobile phone cannot be ignored. We provide you with mobile phone cases that not only have excellent protection performance, but also reflect personality and fashion.


Photo Frames: Frame your most precious moments in a gorgeous photo frame. Our photo frames are uniquely designed to add a touch of rainbow to your memories.


Scissors: Cut your creativity into beautiful shapes with a pair of dynamic scissors. Matte colorful stationery scissors make your creations more interesting.

Create a personalized learning life, starting with the selection of Pastel Holiday stationery!



When you open the matte colorful stationery catalog, a feast of colors is about to begin. Let us take you into a colorful creative world and explore these exciting stationery treasures.


This is just a small part of the Matte's colorful stationery collection, and more exciting products are waiting for you to discover. Bring these vibrant and creative stationery back to life and make every moment more colorful. Open the catalog as soon as possible and start your stationery journey!


Colorful matte stationery series, add infinite color to your study life! Choose us to make life better!