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Sticker paper straws HNY00010
Sticker paper straws HNY00010

Sticker paper straws HNY00010

Item number: HNY00010

Material: paper

Size: 197*6mm


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Complete the New Year's party theme with these fun party straws! The perfect addition to a black and gold themed party. The straws are black and gold with white stripes. Each straw has a featured label, and straws are a set of 7.





New Year



Paper Straws



Environmentally friendly and non-toxic


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Art Deco New Year Party Stripe Decorative Straws with Featured Stickers to Adhere to Slots in Straws. Fun DIY party straw ideas and decorations for any type of event you have.







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Plastic straw bans are now a global movement, and consumers are becoming aware of the negative impact plastic straws have on marine ecosystems and how they contribute significant resources to landfills. Plastic straws were among the top 10 litter, with 44% of seabirds and mammals ingesting plastic.

After about 20 minutes of useful life, plastic straws are thrown away - ending up in landfills, at best, or often in our oceans, where they are ingested by marine life, causing plastic to enter the food chain. In fact, plastic never breaks down completely, it just gets smaller and smaller.

Our compostable and recyclable paper straws are uncoated. We use high-quality, extra-strength 3-ply paper to ensure the straws maintain their integrity while in use. The total weight of the three-ply paper is 350gsm (135gsm + 135gsm + 80gsm).


New Year Paper Straws Advantage

- Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable and compostable, our products are environmentally friendly and minimize waste.

- Long lasting: retains its original shape for up to 12 hours

- Solutions to meet your business needs: customizable paper straws, both in size and design, and in retailer-oriented packaging

- Versatile and versatile: Paper straws From boutique floral designs to classic stripes, add a stylish touch to your occasion with these awesome drink accessories.