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Nordic-style Desk Office

what is Nordic-style stationery?



This Nordic-style stationery set is the first choice for beautifully designed and functional. Add a fresh, minimalist atmosphere to your desktop. The set mainly includes the following five parts:



Folder (A4 size): Made of high-quality paper material, wear-resistant and waterproof, with multiple compartments for easy storage and sorting of documents.


Pen Holder: Cylindrical design with built-in metal bracket, making various pens neatly and orderly displayed on the desktop.


Note pad: Square design, light and cute, convenient to record inspiration at any time. The inner page is environmentally friendly acid-free paper, which writes smoothly.


Desk calendar: Using a recyclable bracket, the paper calendar card is replaced every month, which is not only practical, but also an exquisite ornament.

Tape seat: Unique design, with scotch tape, easy to use, making the desktop cleaner.


The whole set of stationery is based on natural elements and incorporates the minimalist design concept of Nordic style. Make your office environment more peaceful and elegant, improve work efficiency and quality of life. Buy this set for your desktop now!

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Daisy Cosmetic Bag



This green patterned little daisy cosmetic bag is simple and chic with a stylish floral design. It will bring great convenience to your travel and daily use.



Main features:


Material: High-quality coated nylon fabric is selected, which has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-fouling and wear-resistant to ensure the long service life of the cosmetic bag.


Pattern: Green is the keynote, with fresh little daisy floral patterns, as if you are in nature, making you feel happy.


Storage space: Multiple compartments and pockets inside, which are convenient for classifying and storing cosmetics, skin care products and other beauty products.


Zipper design: high-quality metal zipper, smooth opening, easy access to items.


Applicable occasions: not only as a cosmetic bag, but also as a small toilet bag, storage bag, etc., suitable for travel, business trips, gyms and other occasions.



Make your life fresher and more orderly with this green patterned Daisy cosmetic bag. Take care of beauty easily, anytime, anywhere.

Nordic-style stationery



The Nordic Style Collection is a unique and colorful stationery set featuring purple, green and pink.

This set will bring a bright, vibrant atmosphere to your desktop and make your office environment more creative and inspired.



Unique design: purple, green, pink three colors intertwined, fashionable vitality, highlighting personality.


Strong practicability: Cover the stationery required for daily office and improve work efficiency.


Quality assurance: Made of high-quality materials to ensure a long service life of the product.


Gifts: suitable for friends, colleagues, students, etc., to express love and blessings.