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Valentine's Day Love Badge VALE0022
Valentine's Day Love Badge VALE0022

Valentine's Day Love Badge VALE0022

Care paper size 36*35mm,bell paper size 20*40mm,car paper size 30*48mm,care paper card size 35*43mm,ribbon width 13mm,paper fan diameter 45mm.

Packing:OPP bag + back card 

Size :125*189mm 

Back card: 300G white card front four-color printing, oil on mute

The Valentine's Day Medal is a unique souvenir designed for this special day, symbolizing the cherishing and praise of love. It perfectly combines traditional medal forms with romantic elements to bring lovers a commemorative gift.
This medal uses sweet tones such as pink and red to show a pleasant and warm atmosphere. The medal is also printed with various patterns representing love, such as hearts, flowers and angels, to become a symbol of love.
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The Valentine's Day Medal is made of high-quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship to ensure its beauty and durability. It can be worn on the chest or attached to a bag or keychain as a pendant to show your dedication and love for love anytime, anywhere.
In addition, this medal is full of ritual, suitable as a gift to the beloved TA, to show that the relationship between you is not only incomparable, but also has stood the test of time. It allows you to relive the romance and happiness of the past at every special moment.
All in all, the Valentine's Day Medal brings an unforgettable commemoration to lovers with its unique design and rich colors. Let this precious symbol always accompany you and witness your beautiful love story.