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Halloween Party Decoration Alphabet Halloween Element Banner HW-116
Halloween Party Decoration Alphabet Halloween Element Banner HW-116

Halloween Party Decoration Alphabet Halloween Element Banner HW-116



Packing:opp bag with backcard

Halloween banners can create a strong Halloween atmosphere for the party scene through unique designs and scary elements. Whether indoors or outdoors, the placement and decoration of decorations can make people feel the festive atmosphere and add fun and uniqueness to the party.

The use of Halloween banners can bring a more interesting and exciting experience to the people participating in the party. Whether it is taking pictures, playing games or viewing decorations, decorative sets can become a topic of communication and interaction between party participants, increasing the interactivity and participation of the party. Let's work together to create a scary and fun Halloween party!

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Halloween is almost here! To welcome this holiday full of surprises and joy, we have launched two beautiful paper banners. Let me describe their characteristics for you one by one.


The first paper banner uses Halloween-related patterns with exaggerated colors. The patterns include cobwebs, pink ghosts, bats, pink pumpkins, and white ghosts. These patterns are classic elements of Halloween and can add a unique atmosphere to your party or decoration. The bright and bright colors of the banners attract people's attention and bring a joyous and warm holiday atmosphere.


The second paper banner is dominated by the letters "HALLOWEEN". The entire banner is black, reminiscent of a mysterious and terrifying night. On the left and right sides of the letters, there is also a delicate black bat, adding a touch of darkness and charm. This banner is simple and generous, suitable for users who want to create a dark and melancholy atmosphere.


No matter which one it is, we provide the matching packaging of opp bag and back card. After the banner is worn, put it into the opp bag and clip it in the back card. The back of the back card is printed with a banner with renderings, which is convenient for users to pull it up and stick it on the wall when using it, saving time and effort.


These two Halloween paper banners will add a unique personality and fun to your holiday decor. Whether it's a party, party or celebration, they'll be the highlight to make your Halloween even more memorable!