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Green Butterfly Lace Plate Clip NR061
Green Butterfly Lace Plate Clip NR061

Green Butterfly Lace Plate Clip NR061



This is a lace-type plate clip with a beautiful appearance and practical functions, described in detail as follows:

- Material: Made of 2MM gray plate + 128G coated paper, with strong structure and good feel.

- Cover Design: The cover is printed with a green butterfly pattern, showing the elegant natural beauty.

- Surface treatment: covered with a matte film to make the product more textured and prevent damage such as water stains and scratches.

- Gold Clip: There is a gold clip on the top to hold the paper firmly and avoid slipping.

- Hook design: There are hooks on the clip, which is convenient for users to hang the board clip on the wall or other places, saving space and facilitating daily use.

This lace plate clip is not only practical, but also fashionable and artistic, suitable for office, study and other occasions.

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Lace-type metal plate clip is a stationery tool with both decoration and practicality. 

1. Fixed documents: Lace-type metal plate clips can be used to fix paper, photos, notes and other documents together to prevent loss or scattered.

2. Beautiful decoration: The lace design gives the metal plate clamp a unique appearance and can be used as a table top decoration or office decoration.

3. Gift giving: Due to its exquisite appearance and practical function, the lace-type metal plate clip can be given as a gift to friends, colleagues or family members.

4. Handicraft production: Lace-type metal plate clips are also commonly used in handicraft production, such as making cards, collages, photo albums and other items.

5. Educational use: Teachers can use lace-type metal plate clips to secure student works, test papers or other teaching materials and make the classroom environment more interesting.

6. Weddings and parties: At weddings and parties, lace-type sheet metal clips can be used to secure seating arrangements, menus or other information.

In short, the lace-type metal plate clip has a wide range of uses in fixing documents, decorating the environment and giving gifts.