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Card Portfolio Set
Card Portfolio Set
Card Portfolio Set
Card Portfolio Set

Card Portfolio Set

Size: 240x190x20mm


20 cards, 100x151mm

20 envelopes, 115x160mm

1 label, 165x228mm, hot stamping foil 

Packing: color box

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Card Portfolio Set


Card portfolio set up is an important part of managing a credit card business. It involves organizing your card portfolio so that you can maximize profits and minimize costs. With the right set up, you can ensure that all of your cards are optimized to meet customer needs and maximize their value. Here are some tips on how to create a successful card portfolio set up:

1. Analyze Your Cardholders: It’s important to understand who your cardholders are and what their spending habits are like in order to develop the most effective portfolio strategy. You should also look at how many cards they currently have, what type of rewards they’re receiving from each one, and if there’s any room for improvement.

2. Develop Multiple Strategies: A successful card portfolio should include multiple strategies for different types of customers, such as ones with good or bad credit histories, those who prefer cash-back rewards or those who want travel incentives. Having multiple strategies allows you to better serve all customer segments while still maximizing profits and minimizing costs.

3. Review Your Portfolio Regularly: As customer needs change over time, it’s important to review your card portfolio on a regular basis